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Moving around train.

In Finland trains are popular.  And they are nearly always on time. You can buy ticket from the station or from the train. When you buy the ticket before, remember to stamp it
in the train. Tickets in trains are only sold in few carriage, so watch the signs in the windows, if there is a picture with tickets without red line crossing, it’s the place to buy. If there is a picture with tickets and its crossed by a red line you should find another carriage.
People under 17 years can have a discount, because they still go as a child, so they will have a children ticket. Also students with a student card will have a discount. Ticket price will be determined by the length of the journey.
Traveling without ticket will cost you a 80 euro’s plus the ticket prize.
Stations names are both in Finnish and in Swedish.

Indietro: Moving by tram

Avanti: Moving by car and taxi

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