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The biggest cities in Finland Finland.

Most visited cities are Helsinki, Tampere, Turku and Rovaniemi.
They are all different kind of cities with different kind of people.

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, and it’s the most visited city.Helsinki is a very European city,
and there is something to everyone. Helsinki is the cultural center of Finland.
You can go shopping or you can go and have a look of the Finlandia Hall.

Tampere can be reached from Helsinki in 1,5 hours by train. Ryanair flight-company also flies straight from Milan to Tampere.
Tampere is known as home of many famous Finnish writers. It is also famous ice-hockey city. There are two famous hockey teams
called Tappara and Ilves. Football is very popular sport in Tampere too. Football team Tampere United is considered the best football team of Finland.

Turku is the first capital of Finland before Helsinki came the main capital. Turku has a long history and
it used to be really important city for business. If you want to see some old and beautiful part of Finland,
Turku is definitely the place for you. Turku is also the city where the declaration of Christmas Peace comes from.
The declaration ceremony starts at noon and its spoken both in Finnish and Swedish.

Rovaniemi is the home of northern lights. It’s also the home of Santa Claus. Rovaniemi is part of Lapland, and because it’s so
far in north the climate is very pure. You can actually find tree lichen or hanging moss from trees in forest, because of the pure climate.

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