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What to drink Finland?

You can drink the water from the taps in Finland. In meals, Finns usually drink water, milk, beer or wine. In the evenings, especially in the weekends when the clubs are
open are ciders and long-drinks very popular. The age limit for drinking alcohol is 18 years.
In winter, Finns love to drink glögi (mulled wine), which is a hot drink made of berries. Coffee is also one of the number one drinks, and Finns may drink coffee 2 – 7 cups in a day.

Tea has also landed to Finland, and in coffee shops you have lots of choices, to brown tea to green and white.
There are few popular cafeterias in Finland, one is Robert’s coffee, other is Wayne’s coffee. But there are many different cafeterias in Finland, and they are very
cozy. Usually you drink your coffee in the table, not by standing by the counter.

The Finnish shop called Alko has the monopoly of selling alcohol, so you cant find drinks over 4,7 % from normal supermarket.

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