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You will may want to take a look of Linnanmäki amusement park. Its full of different play places and different rides like Raketti, rocket, which shoots you up on 2,5 second speed.Linnanmäki





There is also an amusement/adventure park in Tampere. Its called Särkänniemi. In Helsinki there are a zoo called Korkeasaari. It’s a zoo where you can get by boat or by buss.
If you are a car lover or just enjoy watching fast cars, you should definitely take a look on the Neste Oil Rally in Jyväskylä. It takes place around 30.7.-2.8. You should buy tickets early, because they are sold out quite fast.
There is also something for music lovers. Whole summer season is full of different festivals and concerts. Best know Ruisrock, Konemetsä, Ankkarock, Tuska and Provinssirock. You can buy tickets when you come to the gates, but they are too sold usually out really fast, so buy it before-hand. There are available tickets to one day, or tickets to two days or three days. Its free to camp on the festival area, because its included to the ticket price. Festivals are definitely a good way of making new Finnish friends.

In summer, there is lot of mosquitoes in Finland, but they are not dangerous at all, they are just irritating you with their buzzing sound.

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